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Created on 2010-11-26 09:43:52 (#676707), last updated 2012-03-06 (289 weeks ago)

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Name:Heavenly Voices
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A little community dedicated to ethereal gothic music, and any other types of music that feature great singers.

Please don't use artist and band names for tags, since DW only allows for so many tags per community. :)

Go here if you need a free code, but please remember to thank the one/s you grabbed it from-

Interests (120):

00's, 4ad, 70's, 80's, 90's, alzibar, am'ganesha'n, amber asylum, ambient, anchorage, ataraxia, attrition, audioglobe, bel canto, black tape for a blue girl, bulgarian music, caprice, chandeen, choral music, christian wolz, classical, cocteau twins, cold wave, coldwave, collection d'arnell andrea, daemonia nymphe, dark ambient, dark cabaret, dark wave, darkwave, dead can dance, deleyaman, depeche mode, dot allison, downloads, downtempo, dwelling, early music, elizabeth fraser, ensemble organum, enya, equilibrium music, equinoxe, ethereal, ethereal gothic, ethereal music, ethereal wave, faith and disease, faith and the muse, faun, female voices, folk music, goth, gothic, goths, harmonia mundi, heavenly voices, helium vola, holy records, hyperium, hyperium records, in the nursery, irfan, ivy records, jarboe, kitka, les secrets de morphée, lisa gerrard, loreena mckennitt, lossless, lossless audio, louisa john-krol, love is colder than death, love spirals downward, loveliescrushing, lys, marcel peres, maria callas, martin gore, medieval, medieval music, middle pillar, moon far away, mors syphilitica, mp3, neoclassical, neofolk, new wave, one dove, opera, podcasts, prikosnovenie, projekt, real world records, rhea's obsession, russian choral. kirlian camera, sacred music, sara noxx, shadowplay records, sister marie keyrouz, sleeping dogs wake, sondra radvanovsky, steampunk, stellamara, stoa, streaming, tara vanflower, tess records, the changelings, the mirror reveals, the starseeds, this mortal coil, traditional music, trance to the sun, trip hop, trip-hop, trisol, vas, waveform records, world music
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