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Here are some tracks by them I found on YouTube:

Breakdown (radio mix)

(the) transient truth


White Love (guitar paradise mix)

There goes the cure
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I will not have to visit a used CD store tonight because I can download Curve directly for a fee via BandCamp:

After listening to some of the tracks on YouTube, I don't really understand where the allegations of Garbage 'stealing' anything came from. If anything Curve was more like just part of the trend in the UK of some artists and bands in the UK in the early 90's combining softer electric guitar with more ethereal vocals, like with One Dove (well, at least with the track 'White Love') or other bands that are on the tip of my tongue but can't type out now. Hell I think even Suede is more like Curve than Garbage ever was (let's just say I was more of a fan of UK and European music in the early 90's, and that was despite my limitations, as I didn't live in a big city at the time). Garbage, at least as far as I'm concerned is more bitter and confrontational in comparison, and too obviously influenced by, well, way too many other things to pin them down to copying just one thing. Well, that and it seems no matter how loud the instruments played in Curve tracks, the music always sounds more feminine.

Anyway, I think they're great, and like One Dove, far too ignored. But they should also be remembered as part of the whole of an early 90's UK ethereal rock and pop music trend, not just a part or leader.

ETA: I was partially incorrect, most of the full length albums aren't uploaded for our enjoyment yet. I may be visiting that used CD store after all.
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This song has been on my mind lately.

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In fact it's pretty damn angelic.

Blue Dress - Depeche Mode

Depeche Mode - Enjoy the Silence - Harmonium version

Depeche Mode - One Carress

Embedding disabled by request, so this is the link to the official video.

Depeche Mode - Home

Oh My Goth

Nov. 28th, 2010 01:01 am
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