Feb. 24th, 2012 05:11 pm
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Dyonisis: Arachne's Song

QNTAL, the Ernst Horn years: Ad Morterm Festinamus

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Her new single and trailer for her album Naiades got my attention (partly thanks to A Darker Shade of Pagan podcast and the late night hours of Pagan Radio Network when they have at least one gothy DJ) not out of previous fandom-Faith and the Muse were always hit and miss for me-but nostalgia, because this is the kind of music that they had the only and now dead goth and industrial music store in the Pacific Northwest (at least that I know of), both good and bad. Richards obviously knows her stuff. It's the soundscapes, and even some of the romanticism that got me in to the ethereal genre, or at least, good ethereal if done right. I hope there are at least a few goth/industrial music shops in the North East coast.

But anyway, perfection, I don't always need it, a lot of my favorite tracks are from artists that don't always come out with a hundred percent perfect material. Hopefully when I have a bit more money this year I'll splurge on audio releases instead of just my current perfume oil addiction. I might not like everything Monica Richards comes out with, past band included, but when she's good at manipulating soundscapes, she's really good, and I'm a sucker for ear candy.

The Mighty

Official Naiades Preview

Death Is The Ultimate Woman

Jarboe, where have you been all my life?
Jarboe - A Women's Dream (feat. Monica Richards/Paz Lenchantin)
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Everybody Knows

First We Take Manhattan
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But at least they did upload the thing.

Unfortunately, no one has uploaded the track luvenes yet.
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This song has been on my mind lately.

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In fact it's pretty damn angelic.

Blue Dress - Depeche Mode

Depeche Mode - Enjoy the Silence - Harmonium version

Depeche Mode - One Carress

Embedding disabled by request, so this is the link to the official video.

Depeche Mode - Home

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 How do you classify Yma Sumac? Exotica? South American? World? Her own genre?

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Merry Christmas Everybody!

ETA: How could I forget?

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Fever Ray - If I Had A Heart

It's time I start building up a Nordic music collection, methinks.
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We Three Kings


Nov. 29th, 2010 10:59 pm
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These tracks appeared on my favorite album of their's, Zal.

Chanson d' Automne

Soft Snow

Ariels Song (sadly edited)
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Their latest album, from my understanding, is limited edition and has been increasingly difficult to find. You should buy it anyway. I really hope that Ernst Horn will eventually start selling downloads of his works some day directly from his websites, but in the meantime we have p2p. Anyway, here are three songs from the double album Fur Euch, Die Ihr Liebt:

Saber d'amor



Lastly, the promotional video
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A popular Medieval song, covered by many over the centuries. My favorite will always be Irfan's, unless Ernst Horn decides to blow it out of the water in an upcoming Helium Vola album or EP.

Jordi Saval's version-

Qntal's version. Would be much better if Ernst Horn was still in the band, but I'm posting it anyway-

Libro Rojo de Montserrat's-

John & Maite Hamburg 17.04.09. They seem to be enjoying thhemselves. No doubt they've listened to Fairy World 2 compilation some time beforehand. Sadly, this uploaded video is not the complete performance-

Grand Finale.
Best. Version of Stella Splendens. Ever.
Why doesn't Irfan get one of those music awards for these things?

ETA: You can download most or all of Prikosnovenie's compilation in WAV/AIFF format directly from their website now, including the Fairy World volume in which Irfan's version of Stella Splenens is featured:


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